IV Hydration

IV Hydration Therapy and Vitamin Therapy (infusion and injection) are offered to provide a more efficient delivery of essential vitamins and nutrients to the body. This type of therapy is beneficial for correcting imbalances and vitamin deficiencies, boosting energy levels, and improving immune health and overall wellness. It is also an effective cure for hangover symptoms.

Welcome Michelle Lancey, RN

We would like to welcome Michelle Lancey, RN, with Southern Social IV Hydration Bar! She performs IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy treatments. Vitamin Therapy (infusion and injection) delivers a higher concentration all at once, provides a better absorption rate compared to oral vitamins and food, and helps correct imbalances and vitamin deficiencies. IV Hydration Therapy improves immune health and overall wellness, boosts energy levels, and cures hangover symptoms.

Call Michelle at (719) 458-9721 to schedule an appointment, or you can contact her at: southernsocialivbar@gmail.com.

An Army Brat born in Germany, Michelle’s dad was a moonshiner and coal miner from West by God Virginia. He made a career in the Army Field Artillery and retired as a CSM. Her mom was a tobacco farm girl from North Carolina. Michelle is married to Ray Lancey retired Special Forces. Michelle began her medical career in 1995 as a First Responder (EMT) and later in 2012 became a Registered Nurse practicing mostly in emergency medicine for the past 27 years.

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